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Are You Ready for Marathon Season?

We've all heard the rule "nothing new on race day", training is not just about building fitness and getting faster its also the time where you try out all your race day gear. Starting with The One thing you need, shoes! Today's sponsor shoutout goes to Altra Running and my favourite shoe, The One 2.5.

The One is a super light but well cusioned zero drop (same height from heel-to-toe) training & racing shoe with a foot-shaped toe box. I've run everyting from a 4:19 mile, a 2:22 marathon, to rough-and-rugged ultra-trail and mountain races in these shoes, it does it all, it is The One.

Also pictured below is the latest released Altra model, the Impulse which will provide more stability, a firmer cushion with good ground response, and has a more classic road shoe fit and feel. I've put this one to the test with sub 32 minute 10k's on the track and sub 1:10 half marathon's on the road, I may have to line it up for the marathon if I don't use The One again in Houston.

Click on the photo to learn more.

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