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Houston Marathon 2016 Training

In 2014 I ran the Houston Marathon as my first official marathon (having completed some ultra's prior) finishing in 2:35. In 2015 I earned a local elite spot and after a much more marathon specific build-up I improved to 2:22:59 finishing as the top Houstonian and earning an elite entry to 2016.

For the next 100 days this page will be dedicated to sharing my Houston Marathon 2016 training with complete transparency. I hope to update at least weekly with my workouts, mileage, races, tips, diet, and general thoughts throughout the preperation. This is a great way for me to personally stay motivated and to hopefully inspire and educate others too.

A little bit about me: I live in Katy, Texas, just west of Houston, with my wife and two little girls. I work a full-time job as Operations Manager for a small oilfield service company called XACT, specializing in a new technology providing real-time data for drilling and completions work (clients include Chevron). Between those two things I am extremely busy but still find time, and thanks to a very understanding wife, to train and recover. I complete my first race at the age of four at the Cajun Cup 1k in Lafeyette in 1988 and have been running ever since.

I again have some big goals for myself which I will discuss in another post coming soon so stay tuned and thanks for reading. Please be sure to reach out with any questions, find me on social media or even better, in person out on the roads and trails.

Houston really is a great running city, with an amazing community, and hosts a first-class marathon. We had our first heat and humidity relief last weekend and that fresh air always gets me excited for the next few months to come.

Official training starts now!

Calum Neff

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